Below are answers to common questions concerning our community.

Planned Repairs
  • chevron_rightWhen are individual water meters being installed?
    Our tentative plan is to begin in early June 2020. There is a chance this could be delayed due to state or local health restrictions.
    Agynbyte and our meter contractor will be emailing and mailing owners greater details on dates, times, what is needed from every owner for garage access, billing FAQ, and more. Expect to receive these details in mid-late April. All garages and access to water heaters and valves will need to be accessed. 
  • chevron_rightAre we converting to individual water submetering?
    Yes! Our community received no homeowner votes against the proposal delivered in October. Homeowners will soon pay only for the water they use. In future budgets, we should expect a reduction in community-paid water bills to reduce each unit's HOA dues proportionately. Owners will pay the water meter vendor directly, similar to paying PSE directly for natural gas usage.