The Hamptons on Issaquah Ridge is a condominium community. As such, the Association and its Members are bound by the provisions of the following documents.

Rules - Revised 11/13/2018
Adopted by the Board of Directors to help ensure the aesthetics and safety of the Association while protecting the rights of each homeowner. All residents and their guests must understand and abide by the Association Rules.
It is the responsibility of the Landlord to provide these rules to their Tenants and to include them as part of their lease agreement. The Landlord is responsible to ensure Tenants abide by all rules. If not, any fines assessed will be the responsibility of the Landlord.
Pursuant to the Declaration, rules may be adopted or amended by the Board at any time.  If you have comments or concerns about the rules, please Contact Us.
This document must be signed by the prospective renter prior to move-in. The Association has no ability to accommodate oversize or excess vehicles, which must be stored or parked offsite.
A legal document establishing the Hamptons on Issaquah Ridge as condominium community. The Declaration takes precedence if there is a conflict with the Rules.
The Declaration may only be amended by a vote of 67% of the homeowners.
A legal document establishing the rights of the Association Members and the powers and responsibilities of the Board to govern the Association.
The Bylaws may only be amended by a vote of 67% of the homeowners.
Laws enacted by the Washington State Legislature defining the creation and governance of condominium communities.  This is known as RCW 64.34.  The Condominium Act takes precedence if there is a conflict with the Rules, Declaration, or Bylaws.